Managing Cold & Flu Season, Naturally

Here are my top picks to keep you and your family well this cold & flu season: Probiotics Vitamin D3 Homeopathic remedies for prevention and acute illness Managing fevers Restful sleep Nutrition Immune support TLC

Why Do We Need Vitamin D?

We all know vitamin D is important. Recently I had the opportunity to attend the Annual Breastfeeding Conference in Toronto to find out how important it is to the pregnant woman and lactating mother

Show Your Liver Some Love

The liver is one organ in the human body that will regenerate itself. It’s the body’s second largest organ (next to the skin) with many important roles, over 500 important jobs to be exact. Some

5 Natural Tips to Help a Baby with Colic

Colic is one of the many challenges some newborn babies (and their parents) tend to experience.  What is colic?  Colic is characterized by constant crying and usually starts around the first two weeks of life