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Be a Healthy You

The mind, body, and spirit connection are all linked to how we receive, deal with and move past illness and create MORE wellness in our lives

One-on-one Consultation

  1. A detailed 1.5 hour intake of your health history
  2. Focus on your current concerns
  3. Review what changes you are comfortable with and make a protocol to follow
  4. Empowerment of responsibility for your health through education
  5. Food sensitivity testing
  6. Follow-up emails, recipes, and inspiration to remind you that you DO have the power to get well, stay well and live well

One Hour Follow-up Consultation

Typically one-hour consultations are scheduled three to five weeks after the initial consultation to ensure results are being seen and address any challenges or concerns you have and to create the “next step” process

Additional appointments are at the client’s needs, 30 or 60 minutes

All appointments are geared toward your needs and meeting your goals

Meal Planning

I understand how busy life can be!  Having a healthy meal plan allows us to take a break from having to figure out meals on the fly!

A 1.5 hour skype, phone or in person consultation allows time for you to share with me your favourite meals, food allergies and more so she can get holistically creative for you and your family and make something that works!  14 day and 30 day meal plans are available.

$175 plus HST (for 1.5 hour visit, meal plan creation and back and forth communication)

14 Day Nourish and Cleanse

Do you want better sleep?
Better energy?
Better digestion?

Nourish and cleanse is a two week reboot program designed to help get you back on track to healthy eating, healthy digestion, more energy and less cravings. Take control of your health and let’s begin.

2017 Start dates:

Monday January 9th
Monday January 30th
Monday February 20th
Monday March 20th

Start your private program now and receive:

1 x’s 30 min phone cons
meal plan and grocery list in advance
one on one coaching support via email
private Facebook group chat room where we will share successes and talk about how much we miss chocolate
supplement tips and more!

We will be dairy free, gluten free and processed sugar free together!

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