Tongue ties are so very common now.  There is just such a lack of education and awareness, the impact on breastfeeding and how it can be fixed.

We need more education and training and this is my mission to find ways to bridge gaps in info sharing and diagnosis.

So many missed tongue ties weekly come through our offices. It hurts my heart so much. It hurts when it’s so obvious and the parents were told that a tongue tie didn’t exist.

We need more training in schools for everyone who works with newborns. Doula’s, Doctors, Nurses, RM etc.  It would greatly improve the health of everyone involved.

We need practitioners to refrain from saying babies don’t have tongue ties, when they haven’t been  properly trained to check for them in the first place. Saying “I’m not sure, however I can refer you” is so helpful for the Mom whose supply is low or her nipples are pinched post feed or they are sore or baby isn’t gaining or any combo there of.  They are not always easy to see!  And if you haven’t had ongoing consistent training it’s hard to truly know.

abnormal tongue tie

What to look for:  (any one or combination may apply)

– nipples look pinched at the end of a feed

– baby nursing well but not gaining adequately

– sore nipples

– low milk supply despite best efforts to arrange latch and feed often (this happens because the position of the tongue affects supply and demand )


– ask your practitioner what training they have taken for tongue and lip tie diagnosis

– get a second and third opinion

– do your own research

– see a lactation consultant IBCLC

– visit our local breastfeeding clinic (a referral is required ) at Cambridge pediatric and breastfeeding clinic or book an appointment with Tania