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Here are my top picks to keep you and your family well this cold & flu season:

  1. Probiotics
  2. Vitamin D3
  3. Homeopathic remedies for prevention and acute illness
  4. Managing fevers
  5. Restful sleep
  6. Nutrition
  7. Immune support TLC

1.  Probiotics (healthy good bacteria):

Intestinal flora plays a significant role in our overall health and immunity. Probiotics are naturally occurring bacteria in the large and small intestines. Our flora changes from infancy to toddlerhood to adulthood and we require different strains of “flora” from a supplement and our foods.

Probiotics re-estabish friendly intestinal flora and that is important for many things, the absorption of B12 folic acid and iron and they directly support the immune system. Imagine that three to six pounds of YOUR adult body weight is bacteria in the intestines! Ideally speaking we want 95% of bacteria to be “good” colonizing; keeping viruses and not so good bacteria at bay.

The very conservative journal Pediatrics published how probiotics (can reduce the duration and severity of Upper respiratory tract infections in 3-5 yr olds. Some of the highlights include:

  • 63% reduction of fever
  • 54% reduction of cough
  • 44% reduction in runny nose -also associated with ear infections
  • 80% reduction in antibiotic use. WOW
  • sick days reduced  from 6.5 to 3.4. That’s a 3 day reduction!! What’s a day off work worth?!

Probioitics for Adults:

  • Genestra HMF Capsules, Powder or Forte by Genestra
  • Anything by Metagenics

Probiotics for Infants:

  • Metagenics Synergy powder by Metagenics
  • BioGia (liquid) for infants