Breastfeeding/Infant Feeding Support (OHIP)

What to expect during a consultation (virtual or in-person)

Initial assessment (virtual or in-person): What to expect: The support you will receive is compassionate is 1:1 customized breastfeeding support.

During a consultation, we will review your goals and health history and come up with a plan to support you and your baby feeding:

  • Infant weight checks (as needed)
  • Support with mastitis, breast engorgement, plugged ducts, redness, candida/thrush, etc.
  • Therapeutic hand-held ultrasound for relief of plugged ducts, etc.
  • How to manage a fast letdown and oversupply
  • Measuring flange sizes (both breasts) and how to best use your pump (settings/fittings etc)
  • Creating a feeding plan that supports maternal mental health and the Mother’s feeding goals
  • Provide community resources, and referrals as needed to other healthcare professionals
  • Full tongue/lip tie and upper body assessment
  • Managing torticollis
  • Assistance/support with increasing milk production
  • Managing reflux, gassiness, colic, and other newborn health concerns

Follow-up consultations (virtual or in-person): What to expect: Reassess your journey to date and address any issues that may have come up.

A referral is required for OHIP covered consultations

addressed to Latched ON Pediatrics, Attention: Tania Heinemann fax (226) 812-0173

OHIP Virtual Consultations

Virtual INITIAL Consultation - 45-50 min

Virtual FOLLOW-UP Consultation- 15-30 min

OHIP In-Person Consultations

Clinic locations: Monday + Wednesday:
LatchedOn Pediatrics
525 Belmont Avenue West, Unit 105, Kitchener, ON, N2M 5E2

Dedicated Women’s Clinic
4336 King St, E, unit G8
Kitchener, ON (beside Borealis)

In-Person Initial Consultation - 45 Min

In-Person Follow-Up Consultation - 30 min