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Not Enough Milk

This is the most common reason women give for ceasing to breastfeed in our Region

Breastfeeding is a learned behavior and takes time to establish.  It is so important to have positive encouragement and support to get started.

Did you know that most breastfeeding issues, including low milk supply, can be resolved by following the principles of baby-led, exclusive breastfeeding, a good latch and loads of positive support?  It is true.

My goal is to support you by encouraging you, teaching you and helping with the latch, checking for a possible tongue tie (which both affects the latch and milk supply) and everything else that goes along with having a newborn.

Home/hospital visits $75 – $100 plus HST (mileage is extra outside of Cambridge)

In office clinic visits $75 – $100 per hour plus HST

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Benefits of Breastfeeding

The benefits of nursing your baby with your own breastmilk are numerous for both mom and baby. Join us for one of our consultations and get all the information you need to make a healthy start for your new family.

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